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one-click surveys for government

Engagement Made Easy


For Campaigns

  • Raise campaign awareness

  • Analyze opinion on issues

  • Increase donations by engagement


For Representatives


For Advocacy

  • Engage with one-click questions

  • Grow your group's membership

  • Increase donations by engagement

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Create single question surveys to ask your community.

Send directly to your existing mailing lists and social media channels.

Expect response rates around 20-25%,10x higher than national average.

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Respondents can easily share the question, allowing your community to grow beyond your initial audience.

Respondents sign up with their address to verify their residency.

Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about constituent privacy.

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Instantly view geographic patterns, engagement graphs, charts, and comments.

Filter results by location, tags, or response type.

Update respondents with feedback or results.


Join the Involved Community

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“This new service is great! I had a great response from my first survey on sidewalk snow plowing, will be sending out another one soon.”



"I recently polled constituents through the Involved app, and 60 percent of nearly 150 respondents support this policy (26 percent did not support; 14 percent were unsure). I’m pleased to announce that all 3 of the tree-related policy orders on last night’s agenda passed."

Cambridge city councillor quinton zondervan


“VERY impressed. I was especially excited when I (as the constituent) got a follow-up email informing me that I’ve been automatically connected to (Boston City Council President) Andrea Campbell and Melville Park Association, based on the address I provided.”

Rachele Gardner, consultant to boston city council president andrea campbell


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