Drive Democracy
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Single-Click Surveys

Reach More of Your Constituents

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Engage wider audiences through email

  • Single click surveys for your newsletter and social media

  • Grow your list with response rates 10x industry average

  • Seamlessly sync with your existing contact management system

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Unmatched insights on public opinion

  • Match respondents to public voter information

  • Analyze results with a map broken down by legislative district

  • Identify top concerns with automatic comment categorization


Ann Berwick, Newton Director of Sustainability

“This is a really important governance tool.. building a conversation that is important for decision makers to have with constituents.”


Jack Lewis, MA State Representative

“Polling my constituents through Involved is the easiest and fastest way to know where my community is on an issue. I continue to be impressed by and grateful for the number of people who participate.”


Andrea Campbell, Boston City Council President

“Big, big thank you to Involved for helping us gather data informed our teams on what the community wants to see in their neighborhoods!”


Dr. Michael Russo, Hoboken Councilman

“Involved allows me to engage with my constituency in a way that is one-to-many and changes the kind of dialog we can have.”