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Co-founders Jacob Dansey, Caleb McDermott, and John Knollmeyer met at Boston University as undergraduates. With a vision of building a bridge between representatives and the people they represent, they set out to create Involved. Since the team’s founding in February, 2017, Involved has been used nationally by State Representatives, City Councillors, Congressional candidates and more.

Involved is an accessible, private, and secure software designed to help representatives, advocacy organizations, and academic institutions engage their community and grow their reach.

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Founding Team

Co-Founder Jacob Dansey

B.A., Computer Engineering, 2017

co-founder, ceo

Jacob Dansey

Jacob originally had the idea for Involved eight years ago as a senior in high school. He was discouraged by politics and how polarizing and inaccessible it was. He was also fairly lazy and could not have told you who his representatives were or what issues were going on. A passion for solving inefficiencies and caring about his community drove a need to create a tool that would effectively engage himself: the busy, average citizen.

Jacob attended Boston University on an athletic scholarship for lacrosse. He switched majors to computer engineering in order to learn the skills necessary to develop Involved. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2017.


Co-founder Caleb McDermott

B.A., Marketing and Strategy & Innovation, 2017

CO-FOUNDER, head of growth

Caleb McDermott

Caleb has experience in marketing strategy, design, and business development with startups and marketing firms. He graduated Cum Laude from Boston University Questrom School of Business in Marketing and Strategy & Innovation. He is also a musician and enjoys volunteer work. His creativity, passion for public service and love for startup culture drives his work for Involved.


Co-founder John Knollmeyer

B.A., Computer Engineering, 2017

co-founder, Cto

John Knollmeyer

John is a Co-Founder and part-time software and web developer for Involved. His work experience includes software development for Amazon’s Alexa AI, web development with MathWorks, and Cloud Computing research with a Boston University lab. He is very comfortable with web development, as well as usage of cloud computing and machine learning. John is also familiar with the current political landscape, and has worked on side projects that draw from and analyze political news and speeches.