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Frequently Asked Questions


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How is Involved different from Facebook or Twitter polls?

  1. An Involved survey can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, as well as email.

  2. People stray from sharing private political views publically. In fact, 14% of Americans have been harassed online specifically because of their politics. Involved feedback is private to representatives; no forums or comment boards. Update your community when your team finds it appropriate.

  3. Representatives cannot verify constituents with standard social media polls. Involved verifies addresses upon sign up, and can even filter responses geographically.


How is Involved different from external survey links?

  1. The average political email click rate is 2%. With Involved, expect response rates to be 20-25%. This is because questions are one-click, focused, and easy to share.

  2. Involved works at all levels of government. If you're a Town Manager and your State Representative gets Involved, your reach will grow!

  3. The Involved Interface provides unique features, such as geographic analysis, result-sharing controls, and constituent verification.


Which levels of government use Involved?

Involved is available to all levels of government, from Town Managers to Congressmen. Involved is also used by advocacy organizations and campaign teams nationally.


What are addresses used for?

Respondents enter their physical address so that they can be verified as constituents. Specific addresses will never be shown to anyone, only aggregated as part of your geographic heat map display.


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