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How To Write An Update


Why Updates Matter

Updates increase constituent satisfaction, drive attendance at future events, and lift engagement rates. How your update is written depends upon the survey, the audience, and the development of next steps.

Involved is a tool for two-way communication; updates help validate respondents’ effort and can provide information on future events, alternative perspectives, and the representative’s stance.

What To Keep In Mind

  • Quoting comments can provide rich context into the variety of perspectives.

  • Sharing results is optional. To share with all respondents, check the ‘Display Results’ box.

  • Including key findings from comments and results is an effective way to improve transparency.

  • Next steps are important:

    • Event page or link to more information

    • Future projects, proposals, or surveys

    • Ongoing proceedings

  • Giving the representative’s stance can help bring conclusion and a focus on new issues.

How To Send An Update

  1. Sign In to the Involved Dashboard.

  2. Click on your question in the Questions tab.

  3. Click Your Updates on your question’s results page.

    • To include survey results, check the ‘Display Results’ box


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Caleb McDermott