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How To Select A Survey Topic


What issues are being discussed locally?

  • Community meeting topics

  • Upcoming events

  • Community-wide policies and initiatives

  • Local organization concerns

  • Budget, zoning, and construction projects

  • Reoccuring operations (snow shoveling, recycling, energy)

Are you interested in the feedback?

  • Are you looking for new perspectives and suggestions?

  • Can quantitative data improve decision making?

  • Is geographic analysis beneficial?

  • Is this issue worth raising awareness?

  • Does this matter to your team and community?

  • Is this worth your constituents' time?

What's the potential for bias?

  • Is the question framed so that the results are unbiased?

  • Is the community given a fair chance to join the survey?

  • Does the background information give reasonable context?

  • Do respondents have enough options to choose from?

  • Are multiple choice options clear and succint?

  • Did you hyperlink relevant external sources?


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Caleb McDermott