Drive Democracy

5 Tips

For Raising Awareness on Polls

1. Share with social media and email lists

Good questions have an ability to organically grow via word-of-mouth, but it all starts with an initial seed of respondents. To integrate your mailing lists, click the Integrations link under your name in the top right. To send the question out, click the respective social media or mailing list icon on the question dashboard.


2. Submit an op-ed to the local papers

Local papers are a great way to start growing your audience beyond your current base of followers. We recommend submitting an op-ed that repeats the issue as it was summarized in the background information of the question. You should also include the link to the question, which can be found by copying it from the twitter or facebook buttons.


3. Reach out to local organizations

There are many organizations within your community that have a vested interest in having their members heard on issues. Depending on the question, advocacy groups, homeowners associations, community organizations and other nonprofits may all be interested in assisting you. A good way to reach out to them is to let them know you are gathering feedback on this issue and would like to hear what more people think. You should also include the link to the question as mentioned above.


4. Grow your mailing lists

Whether you are hosting an event, canvassing for your campaign, or directing people to your website, collecting email addresses is key to successfully following up and engaging people. By growing your lists, you also grow the number of people that will receive the next Involved poll in their email inbox.  If you need help designing promotional material for any of these activities, we can provide them.


5. Keep the conversation going

After responses start to die down, let people know the results of the poll and how you are using the data through the update box on the question dashboard. By providing feedback, you’re letting constituents know you are actively taking action and they will feel validated that their opinion matters. Keep the conversation going to keep growing.